In order to provide you the best gaming experiance, we unfortunately cannot ignore a few rules.

  1. No racial slurs or harassing, including but not limited to, following a player repeatedly to spam insults. We at maintain the right to remove your access to this service at any time if we feel that you are unable to conduct yourself with basic common sense and etiquette.
  2. No more than 1 client online in arena events such as tournaments, capture the flags, last man standing etc. No more than 3 clients per player on at anytime.
  3. No exploiting/abuse of ingame bugs. Should you discover a bug we ask you kindly to report it eighter via a Discord PM to a staff member or provide your information onside the bug section.
  4. No advertising of other servers or products.
  5. No 3rd party programs, that includes but is not limited to PlayUO, EasyUO, Speedhacks of any type, however, we do permit the use of Razor.
  6. No hacking or guessing passwords tolerated.
  7. Collecting resources while being afk (unattended macroing) is not allowed. This rule applies to all resources (ore, wood, cotton, gold, reagents, fishing, etc.).
  8. We do not tolerate any disrespectful actions towards any of our staff members, this includes badmouthing.
  9. No more than 5 BOD collector characters.
  10. You are not allowed to create newbie characters to kill AFK players in town.
  11. No use of automated healing/loading/dropping/potion chug scripts in PVP combat.

Having an account within UO-Defiance is a privilege. This privilege may be withdrawn at any time by any of the Defiance staff, should they find you breaking these simple rules, or in general spending your time being a problem to the staff/shard.

By on our game server or participating on one of this posts / talking in Discord you automatically agree on our terms of service.